With the rising cost of college tuition, many students are looking towards the internet to find ways to pay for school.

GoFundMe Spokesperson Bobby Whithorne says nationally over the last three years, they’ve had over 130,000 campaigns on their website raise over $60 million for kids in college. He says there’s been an increase in this state, as well.

“Just in Louisiana alone, we’ve seen over 1,600 GoFundMe campaigns raise nearly $650,000 from nearly 11,000 donations.”

Whithorne says the majority of the donations come from friends and family, as students share their GoFundMe campaign on Facebook and other social media sites. But he says there are complete strangers who contribute.

“Alumni who donate to students at the college. It’s just a matter of having students jump online, create a campaign and tell the potential donors why they’re raising money.”

Whithorne advises kids turning to GoFundMe for tuition assistance to just tell your story and show the community how hard you’ve worked to get into your dream school.

“Be open and transparent about why you’re raising funds, post your campaign, share it with your social networks. There are folks out there that want to support you so it’s just a matter of telling your story.”

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