Move the Mindset, a social justice advocacy nonprofit that works in collaboration with 15 local groups, has announced a silent vigil and march for the removal of the General Alfred Mouton statue in Downtown Lafayette.

The vigil and march are planned to take place the morning of and leading up to a court hearing on the removal of the Confederate statue. The vigil is set to begin at 9am at the General Mouton statue on the corner of Jefferson Street and Lee Avenue in Lafayette. From there, the group will march to the Lafayette Parish Courthouse, where the next hearing about the removal of the statue is being held, beginning at 10am.

Move the Mindset will be live-streaming the vigil, the march, and the public statement they will be giving at the end of the march when they reach the courthouse. You can link to that live-stream here.

If you plan to attend the vigil and march, Move the Mindset will require you to be masked and to keep your social distance.

For more information about the works underway at Move the Mindset, visit their website.


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