Confederate statues have been a sore point of contention for southern states for a while now. The huge controversy over removing them in New Orleans was front-page news and ended up costing the city, and the state, millions of dollars to take them down. So it was kind of surprising to find out that one that had been missing ended up in a tattoo parlor in the Crescent City.

A monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis went missing from a cemetery in Selma, Alabama, where it had resided for almost 130 years. According to WWL, the chair-shaped monument which was was "placed at Live Oak Cemetery in 1893 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, vanished from its base earlier this year in Selma, a city widely known as the site of civil rights protests in the 1960s."

The stolen chair was later involved in a bizarre ransom scheme by a group calling themselves "White Lies Matter", who said, via WWL that it would only be returned "if the United Daughters of the Confederacy agreed to display a banner at its Virginia headquarters bearing a quote from a Black Liberation Army activist."

The chair-shaped monument was later spotted in a New Orleans tattoo parlor owned by Jason Warnick, who has been arrested for receiving stolen property. Warnick has also been photographed with the chair and is currently out on $30,000 bond. Read more about the bizarre story from WWL.



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