Netflix has gone Cajun, y'all! Ok, not really, but it did just add a movie based and filmed in Lafayette, Louisiana to it's selection and that's pretty awesome if you ask me.

The 2015 drama/coming of age/romance is about a New York news producer who returns home to Lafayette where her high school memories and relationships bring her back to her senior year on a debate team.

I know what you're thinking "a movie about a debate team?", but I promise you that there is more to it than that because, yes, I did watch it as soon as I heard it was on Netflix. And, hey, it has 7.6/10 stars on IMDB and has even won a few awards, so people are watching it and liking it.

Plus, it's kind of cool to see the Lafayette interstate sign and familiar places downtown during the opening credits and throughout the film.

Whether you just want to see a little of downtown Lafayette in some of the scene's, or you remember seeing camera crews during filming a few years ago, or maybe you were an extra and might catch a glimpse of yourself, now is your chance to "A Sort Of Homecoming" on Netflix.

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