Do you remember finding out there was a new candy bar out there and we all had way too much fun with the name? The Whatchamacallit has caused more confusion in my life than I care to admit. Every time someone is struggling to name something and they refer to that mystery item as a "Whatchamacallit" I always think of a candy bar. Now, you and I have the power to come up with a name just as funky and confusing.

Whatchamacallit is breaking their candy silence, they are releasing their first candy in over 10 years. The new candy bar doesn't have a name yet because you and I have not named it yet. The brand is calling for the most creative minds to throw in their best idea for a name, and if the name you came up with gets picked, you get $5,000. Couldn't we all use an extra 5k?

Just a refresher on what the Whatchamacallit is, it's made with chewy caramel, rich chocolate, and peanut-flavored crunch. Personally, I think it's delicious. The new unnamed candy is packed with chocolate crisps, peanut butter crème, and covered in a chocolatey coating. Umm, yes, this unnamed candy bar sounds delish.

If you think your creative mind has the next unique candy bar name, enter the Whatchamacallit's Candy Bar Naming Contest by clicking here. Best of luck on your quest for $5,000.

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