When you think about it there are only 32 people on the planet that can say that as of right now, they are a starting quarterback in the National Football League. Of all the people on Earth, only 32. Those are some pretty staggering odds for anyone who is contemplating getting that job.

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For many years Drew Brees not only got that job, but he also performed that job at a record-setting rate. Brees led the New Orleans Saints to their only Super Bowl victory and in almost all of Louisiana Brees is thought very highly of. Maybe that's why so many of us were excited to hear that Brees, after retiring from the Saints, would be heading to the broadcast booth.

Okay, admittedly Drew's first stints on-air weren't that spectacular. I think a lot of us figured if Tony Romo can do it, then Brees who was a much better quarterback than Romo would knock the broadcast assignment out of the park. If I am being honest, I don't think Brees even knocked it out of the infield. In my opinion, he never looked comfortable in the role NBC Television was asking him to play.

Devin945 via YouTube
Devin945 via YouTube

Earlier this week we learned that NBC and Brees would be parting company after just one year. While a lot of us figured it was because Brees just "didn't seem to fit" the official reason handed down was "a lifestyle choice". A spokesman for the network said the Brees wanted to have more time with his family. We certainly won't argue that but the fact that he wasn't spectacular on television makes it easier for him to "spend time with the family".

So, who is NBC going to bring in to replace Drew Brees? According to speculation on the Internet, it's going to be a former Dallas Cowboy.

Andrew Marchand is reporting that Brees's slot on Football Night in America will be handled by former Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.  In a related tweet, Marchand suggested that Garrett was also in the running to handle Brees' other assignment with the network, analyst for Notre Dame football, but that has not been decided as of yet.

If you're wondering if Jason Garret has any broadcast knowledge or chops he has been featured on the NBC USFL broadcasts this season. He's been partnered with Jac Collinsworth on those games, so he has spent at least a little time in the broadcast booth.

But the broadcast booth is a lot different than the studio show, that show is a lot more regimented and requires more broadcast acumen than does a play by play analyst. In the play by play role, the football acumen is more important so I guess we will see.

We will also wait and see if there is any truth to the rumors that Drew Brees is being considered as a color analyst for Fox Sports on their NFL broadcasts. I guess we will just have to wait and see. what happens when the season gets started in less than 100 days.

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