An engineering firm from Texas is the company that will be going forward with a new oil refinery for Louisiana.  The Allen Parish Police Jury gave their seal of approval to a new lease deal for Virtual Engineering Operations to start their construction part of the project this summer in Oberlin.  Police jurors have voted in favor of the lease for the new project.

The new 100 million dollar refinery will be west of Oakdale.  The new company will be leasing land that was once used as a chemical plant.  The lease will allow the VEOPS company to rent the 67 acres of the old Arizone Chemical plant.  Virtual Engineering Operations of Texas is expecting to be able to refine 20 to 40 thousand barrels of oil every day at the facility.

VEOPS officials say construction on the new facility will start sometime this summer, and it going to take about one and a half years time to complete the refinery.  Now as part of the deal to lease the land, the company will have to make sure that they are employing a minimum of 35 people at the facility, and the lease specifies that those jobs must be permanent.