Lafayette Mayor/President Joel Robideaux has decided on who his Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Community Development and Interim Director of Public Works will be.

Chief Administrative Officer is Lowell Duhon, while Robideaux has chosen Dr. Shanea Morrison Nelson to serve as Director of the Department of Community Development and Tom Carroll will return to local government as the Director of Public Works a position he held under the Joey Durel administration.

Duhon, the new Chief Administrative Officer, is a native of Lafayette with almost four decades in executive management, banking and finance.

Robideaux's statement about Duhon:

"I am pleased that Lowell Duhon has agreed to leave the private sector to join my administration as Chief Administrative Officer. In addition to his 38 years of experience in banking, finance and executive management, Lowell is deeply committed to the future of our parish. Lowell’s strong business and financial management experience is a good fit with my background as a CPA. I am grateful for his excellent work on my transition team and that he has agreed to join my administration.”

Since 2005, Lowell has served as Chief Financial Officer for Whitco Supply, Inc.,

Whitco is an oilfield service and supply company.

Robideaux has choses Dr. Shanea Morrison as Director of the Department of Community Service.

Mayor-President-Elect Robideaux has chosen Lafayette Parish native Dr. Shanea Morrison Nelson to serve as Director of the Department of Community Development (DCD).

Nelson will be charged with helping the department to focus on providing services for the following:

  • Providing services to low/moderate-income and special needs households
  • Housing and financial counseling
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Senior programs
  • Homeless services

Robideaux also had a statement about Nelson:

“I’m truly excited that Dr. Shanea Morrison Nelson will serve as our next Director of Community Development. Dr. Nelson will help us refocus the department on its core mission, providing services to low and moderate income households and vulnerable populations. Dr. Nelson brings a strong track record in administration and grant writing to her responsibilities. It’s great when one of our best and brightest returns home to have a career, raise a family and contribute to the future of our community.”

Tom Carroll with return to his former post as Director of Public Works in an interim capacity.

Robideaux had this to share about Carroll:

"I am grateful that Tom Carroll is willing to come out of retirement to serve as Interim Director of the Department of Public Works. Tom will help me move promptly on critical projects and he will be invaluable in assisting in a national search for a permanent director of the department. I am deeply appreciative of his work on my transition team and truly excited that he has agreed to serve Lafayette Parish again in my administration.”

Tom Carroll retired from that post last year, but now with help the Robideaux administration in their national search for a new director.

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