The saga of the electric scooter in downtown Lafayette has reached yet another political crossroad. You might recall the use of the electric scooters in the city of Lafayette was banned several months back.

The reason for that ban was the lack of regulation on who could operate the scooters, where the scooters could be operated, and how those scooters would be regulated by the local government.

The state legislature took up many of those specific issues and passed legislation that would allow the scooters to be used on roads where speed limits were less than 25 mph. Operators under the age of 17 would be required to wear a helmet during operation too.

Despite legislative approval, the City-Parish Council of Lafayette is saying "not so fast" to the return of the Bird and Lime scooters to the Hub City.

The City-Parish Council is expected to discuss implementing a temporary ban on the scooters at their meeting scheduled for tonight. Mayor-President Robideaux wants that ban in place until the City-Parish Council can set its own rules and regulations regarding the use of the scooters in town.

An ordinance that would effectively block the use and rental of the electric scooters until the City-Parish Council creates its own legislation regarding the scooters is up for final adoption tonight.

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