A new independent poll shows Governor Edwards within striking distance of winning re-election without a run-off. The survey of 500 chronic voters conducted last week has Edwards at 47-percent, and Republican challengers Ralph Abraham at 24-percent and Eddie Rispone at 16-percent. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat conducted the survey.

“Edwards has to hold on to the white voters he now has in this red state of Louisiana, and that is the big ‘if,'” said Pinsonat.

Pinsonat says 30-percent of white voters support Edwards, while 14-percent are undecided.

He says another factor in the race is that Abraham and Rispone do not have a lot of support in metro New Orleans and the Baton Rouge area and that’s not good for Rispone, who lives in the capital city.

“He’s spending a lot of money, but he’s not getting a lot of return on his investment as of today,” said Pinsonat.

Pinsonat says the key to Edwards winning re-election without the need of a run-off is to hold on to the white voters that currently plane to vote for him on the October 12th ballot.

“He doesn’t have high negatives with a lot of people.  He’s just okay with whites, but that may be good enough to get him re-elected,” said Pinsonat.

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