According to WWL, non-profit group The Center of Invasive Species Prevention has asked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to add the red swamp crawfish to their injurious wildlife list. What does this mean for Louisiana if it happens? It means these crawfish would be illegal to buy or sell. Yeah, we're serious.

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In the petition, the CISP says the red swamp crawfish and 42 other species don't provide any essential economic or other benefits that outweigh their current and potential harm to the United States.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service could impose punishment on those who buy, sell or trade red swamp crawfish if the species is added to the list.

Senator David Vitter has reportedly already sent a letter to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service asking them to reject this petition.

Peter Jenkins, President of The Center of Invasive Species Prevention tells WWL their intention is in no way to harm Louisiana's crawfish industry. They say they're not wanting to upset us.

Jenkins tell WWL that "what we're proposing would have no effect on people in Louisiana using them where they are. We want the service to take a look at how to minimize harm in other areas. It may not be feasible to do that, but we want the service to take a look at it".

OK, after reading that I'm putting away my voodoo dolls, but this could still pose a huge problem with regard to the export of crawfish to other areas of the country.

The problem here, or perceived problem rather, is that crawfish are becoming a nuisance in other parts of the country, disrupting Eco-systems, and that's the reason behind the proposal. In Scotland, people are actually bound by law to kill crawfish on sight!

The reason I say perceived problem is because I think it's an easily solved one. Just eat them. Problem solved.

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