A new report shows that after DNA testing, no tuna was found in samples of Subway's tuna-fish sandwich. The news has spread across social media and has many up-in-arms.

Have you ever been lied to? Cheated? Deceived? It is a bad feeling. That is how many on social media feel after reading a story from The New York Times that brought about some disappointing realities.

See the original report from @nytimes via Twitter below.

According to the above report, plus more from KLFY, the outlet had tuna sandwiches from multiple Subway locations in California tested. The results were that no species of tuna were able to be identified in the samples provided.

Why is everyone talking about Subway's tuna?

There was a class-action lawsuit filed in January that claimed Subway's tuna was not tuna at all. Hence, the investigative journalism conducted by The New York Times to give people the answers they deserved.

Social Media Reacts To Subway Tuna News

I've got to start-off showcasing the reaction that I shared to this news via some Twitter posts.

That's right, I have never ordered the tuna sandwich at Subway and never would. Not because I dislike tuna, I actually love tuna, but because it just never looked right to me. I enjoy a Subway from time to time, but have never been tempted to order their tuna.

But, clearly, there is a plethora of people who enjoy Subway's tuna. So, it is only fair to see what those people have to say about the breaking news.

With a bit of sarcasm laced into these Tweets, it is clear to see that there are plenty of sandwich lovers out there who have ordered the tuna sandwich at Subway. After all, we wouldn't be talking about it if people haven't eaten it.

Of course, many on social media were simply concerned or confused after hearing the news.

Like many on social media, I haven't and won't be ordering tuna from Subway any time soon. But this whole DNA testing of the sandwich situation is pretty bizarre in its own right. This has me feeling like Maury is about to give us the results of the sandwich's DNA test in the most dramatic fashion.

While the sandwich chain handles the publicity that is coming along with their tuna turbulence, I still am feeling like grabbing Subway sandwich (without tuna on it) soon.

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