Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Louisiana election officials predicted abysmal early voter turnout for the November 18 election, and the numbers confirm that they were right. Projections were about 15%, but the actual number is depressingly low. The Secretary of State released turnout numbers, and here's the analysis.


We have three state leadership leaders to choose.

  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer

Just under 3-million people are registered to vote in Louisiana, 2,976,612 to be exact.

For the October 14 election, 368,951 people cast their ballots early.

Early voting number for the November 18 election from the Louisiana Secretary of State's office indicate that 253,982 voters turned out through Saturday, November 12.

Here's how it breaks down percentage-wise:

i voted sticker
Credit: Louisiana Secretary of State


The highest profile races in Acadiana are for Lafayette Mayor-President, Vermilion Parish Sheriff, and St. Martin Parish President. The percentages reflect the importance of those races and voters' interest.

The BESE District 7 seat, which includes portions of eight parishes, will also be decided on November 18. A few more-local races will also be decided.

Here's a rundown of parish by parish early voting turnout.

  • Lafayette-- 17,285 of 157,921 = 10.9%
  • Acadia-- 2,453 of 38,806 = 6.3%
  • Evangeline-- 912 of 21,251 = 4.3%
  • Iberia-- 3,291 of 45,436 = 7.2%
  • St. Landry-- 2,830 of 57,481 = 4.9%
  • St. Martin-- 4,645 of 36,610 = 12.7%
  • St. Mary-- 2,929 of 31,641 = 9.3%
  • Vermilion-- 4,742 of 37,925 = 12.5%

Polls on Saturday open a 7 AM and close at 8 PM. A reminder that you'll also find four constitutional amendments on your ballot.

Keep in mind that, if you don't vote, you are handing your decision to someone else. Geaux vote!

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