Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo
Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming joined Ken Romero to discuss among other things:

  • Burning brass
  • Purchasing handguns for someone else
  • Concealed carry laws in various states
  • California lawmaker indicted on gun trafficking rap

Even though we've discussing flying hot brass before it was brought up again today because of fresh burn on Fleming's forearm. According to Fleming,

Always keep in mind while shooting, the brass coming out of your gun is very hot...That's a burn from an MG-42, that's a belt fed machine gun that you shoot prone. As I was shooting an empty case came to rest on my arm and I couldn't just jump up and worry about it because I was still shooting.

Many times you'll hear the question 'what gun should I buy for my wife'? Fleming said,

Always keep in mind, one, they need to come in to do the paperwork otherwise it's a 'straw purchase' and two, they need to make sure they can handle the firearm. It happens a lot with revolvers especially double-action revolvers because some women and even some men have trouble firing them.


The Louisiana Legislative session that ended this past Monday proved to be a good one for firearm owners. According to Fleming,


They shot down some anti-gun laws and voted in some pro-gun stuff.

Fleming also took calls from KPEL NewsJunkies

To hear what Glenn had to say about our other topics click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

To see more of Glenn Fleming in action be sure to check him out on YouTube at the Gunner's Vault.

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