Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and had a safety tip as usual and also discussed:

  • 3D printing of handguns
  • Perils of concealed carry
  • Eric Holder and the Department of Justice

There have been questions lately about having a handgun in your vehicle without a concealed carry permit and Fleming said,

Your car is an extension of your home according to Louisiana law so you can have a gun in your car without having a permit.  If stopped by an officer it's always a good idea to inform him or her that you have a weapon and tell them where it's located.  Don't reach for it until and if they ask you to.

Recently a Reading, Pennsylvania man shot and killed two armed robbers and Fleming said the case has taken the typical turn.  According to Fleming,

The concealed carrying citizen, who is being hailed as a hero by local residents and politicians is facing accusations by families of the two dead robbers who say 'he took the law into his own hands'.  Family members are claiming the dead robbers were 'hard working family men' and not hardened criminals.  Police have called the case self-defense.  There may be law suits coming out of this so everyone should remember when you use a gun even to defend yourself there will be consequences.

Attorney General Eric Holder continues to frighten many including Fleming.

Eric Holder's Department of Justice is advancing a case in the Supreme Court that could negatively affect U.S. sovereignty.  The DOJ contends that international treaties allow the federal government to prosecute cases which they normally would not have jurisdiction over if the U.S. is involved in an international treaty on the matter in question.  This could affect the UN treaty concerning weapons.

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