A devastating storm that swept through St. Martin Parish has resulted in at least one confirmed fatality, prompting local officials to urge residents to stay off the roads and remain indoors. The severe weather, including a tornado, has left significant damage across Henderson, Cecilia, and other parts of the parish.

Sheriff Becket Breaux and Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette addressed the public with urgent pleas to stay home. "We are asking people to PLEASE stay home and stop traveling throughout the Parish," Sheriff Breaux emphasized. "First responders are attempting to assist with multiple calls, and increased traffic is causing secondary issues."

The storm's aftermath is stark, with power lines down, debris scattered across the landscape, and wires strewn across roads. The extent of the damage indicates the presence of a tornado, which has wreaked havoc in several areas.

Authorities have confirmed that there has been one fatality as a result of the storm. "Based on the damage in Henderson, Cecilia, and other parts of the parish, the aftermath is that of an apparent tornado," Sheriff Breaux reported. "Residents need to stay off the road as authorities have confirmed at least one fatality."

Mayor Collette provided additional details about the impact on Henderson. "In Henderson proper, there were no bodily injuries, but on the outskirts of Henderson, there was one fatality," he said.

The dangerous conditions have already led to multiple accidents, mainly as night falls and visibility decreases. Downed trees and other debris on roads are creating hazardous driving conditions. Police have been busy responding to these incidents, further stressing the importance of staying home and off the streets.

Local authorities are working diligently to address the storm damage and ensure the safety of residents. First responders are on the scene, tackling the immediate dangers and assisting those in need.

Residents are advised to avoid travel and remain indoors until the situation is safe.

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