I've watched in amazement as the search for the missing Malaysian airliner continued. When the plane first went missing, there were so many conspiracy theories about the plane's disappearance, and I actually began to believe at least two of them. As time wore on, I felt more and more that regardless of whatever initiated the changes in course, the outcome was that the plane went down and stopped abruptly, either on land or in water.

Combine that realization with the fact that the plane has been missing for a considerable amount of time, I sense there are no survivors. Yet I could be wrong... You know what happens when you 'assume'?

All of that being said, I can't understand why the US government has devoted so many assets to search for the plane. I understand there were close to 300 people on the plane with at least one American, but why were the same resources not devoted to find Danielle Wright. Danielle's parents have spent at least $600,000 in the search for their daughter and have gotten virtually no help from the US government.

One American on a plane that dives into the ocean or land gets government resources in the search with little hope of finding him alive. Danielle Wright, even though missing for many months could still be alive and the U.S. is doing nothing. Why is her life less important than anybody on the missing Malaysian airliner?


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