I am trying to determine Jeb Bush's angle with comments he made over the weekend. Was he trying to win liberals over or was he trying to really tick off Republicans?

Bush said,

There are ways to control our border better than we have...But if someone comes into our country illegally because they have no other means to work to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony, it's an act of love.

That's right, he said they broke the law but it's an act of love. What?

Going back to the first part of his statement Bush said, there are better ways to control our border and I agree. Do as Mexico has done on it's southern border, build a huge freakin' fence and have the National Guard of states involved patrol the fence and shoot intruders. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS! Act of love indeed. Get into the country legally and then we will 'feed your hungry and your poor'.

The reason Mexico has a fence along it's southern border is because Mexico doesn't want to be in the position America is in. They don't want hundreds of thousands of illegals to feed, house, educate and care for medically. The reason Mexico has no fence on it's Northern border and would freak if we built one is because they want the poor to leave. They want them to come here for medical care, food, clothing, shelter and earnings in US dollars to send home. They certainly don't want us to send all of them home because Mexico can't deal with the citizens they have at home now.

Bush is just attempting to curry favor with the liberals and the illegals who will probably get to vote one day (if they haven't yet) for the guy who felt the love.

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