Chef Pat Mould visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to update us on progress of the 2013 edition of Festivals Acadiens et Creoles.

Mould says he loves Labor Day for one reason,

Once Labor Day is over it signals the start of the fall festivals across South Louisiana.  We have two seasons in Louisiana, we have spring festival season and we have fall festival season.  Now we're rolling into fall festival season.

This year's Festival Acadiens et Creoles is set for October 11th, 12th and 13th but Mould says preparations have been ongoing.

We've been working non-stop all year round.  We have this really great board and we meet on a regular basis.  We've got all the bands lined up, the food vendors are lined up and the crafts fair is going to be bigger than ever.  Miles Peterson has done a great job with the crafts fair, I think we're going to have over 90 vendors.

There's been a lot of support throughout the years for the festival and this year is no different according to Chef Mould,

I'm really excited about all the support we've gotten from the business community.  There's a Festival Friend area on the website which is Festivals with an 's', Acadiens with an 's' dot com.  You can volunteer there or sponsor the Festival with various size commitments.

To volunteer or to sponsor the Festival Acadiens et Creoles visit their website or join them on Facebook.

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