Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Chef Pat Mould reported on the huge success of Festivals Acadiens et Creoles this past weekend.  He also took the opportunity to invite everyone to events at the UL Horse Farm this coming week.

Mould said,

It was an incredible three days with a 40 percent increase in attendance and revenue...It was like the trifecta with great promotion on Townsquare Media stations, perfect weather and an absence of football last weekend.

With regards to the recently purchased UL Horse Farm Chef Mould said two events will be happening next week to introduce the community to the farm.

On Thursday evening October 25th "Moonlight on the Meadow" will be held with music from Marc Broussard and the Acadiana Symphony and music from 20 local restaurants.  On Saturday October 27 "Howdy to the Horse Farm" will be held to introduce children to the farm.  Everyone is urged to bring the children and cameras so the children will have memories of the farm "back in the old days".

Listen to the entire interview:

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