The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office recently released a report after their audit of the Patterson's Volunteer Fire Department, and they have mentioned a couple items that needed correction.

One of the findings of the audit showed that between January of 2016 and August 2019 one of the officers that is part of the volunteer fire department made $14,774 worth of withdrawals from the ATM and personal purchases according to the report released by the Legislative Auditor's Office.

The card that was used to make the withdrawals and purchased was linked to the checking account that is linked up with the Patterson Volunteer Fire Department's banking account.

When the audit showed that the card was allegedly not being used for the functions of the Patterson Volunteer Fire Department, the card was seized from the person who had it.

The debit card that was being used was frozen according to officials, and the discovery of this situation led to the termination of that employee who was alleged to have committed the withdrawals and the purchases.

The second finding that was included in the audit involved poor record keeping.

In the report, there were also separate instances were $13,587 worth of purchases that were made, but auditors say these purchases did not relate to the running and operations of the Patterson Voluntary Fire Department.

According to the officials who did this audit for the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office says that there is an ongoing investigation into all of the circumstances surrounding the founding of the audits.


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