On Tuesday, the Lafayette City Council's feud with Mayor-President Josh Guillory will reach its climax as they prepare a likely vote to hire an outside auditor to look into his various drainage projects.

The council will likely vote on two ordinances. One will be to authorize an audit and investigation into the Guillory administration. The other will fund the endeavor to find an outside auditor. As of right now, the council is looking to hire someone out of Baton Rouge for the job.

A series of negative stories about Guillory, his side jobs, and his drainage projects have little local media over the last several weeks.

Andrew Capps, a local government reporter at The Daily Advertiser, joined the Joe Cunningham Show to lay out the timeline of events the council is looking at and what actions they could take.

The biggest questions, according to Capps, will center around whether or not there were violations in the bid process and if there is any way the council and force Guillory to turn over documentation or testify.

In the latter case, LCG's legal counsel works at the behest of the Mayor-President's office. So, while they could hold Guillory in Contempt of Council, they would have no way to compel him to show or fine him.

"Ultimately, the city-parish attorney is Greg Logan and he answers to the Mayor," Capps said. "My understanding is that their plan for this audit is to go for an auditor that can also help them with the legal issues."

Nanette Cook (Jason Cohen Photography via LCG)
Nanette Cook (Jason Cohen Photography via LCG)

As previously reported, it appears that Lafayette City Council chairperson Nanette Cook took Guillory's advice.

"We're going to start with an audit, per Josh (Guillory)'s request. His suggestion was, 'We're too busy, get an audit.' So, that's what we're doing," she said previously. "But we're putting the piece in place that we can do an investigation alongside of it, if needed."

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