A pet cemetery in New York has revealed the most popular pet names of the animals buried there.

According to a story in the New York Times, all of the tombstones in the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery were cataloged, revealing the most popular pet names from the 80,000-plus pets resting on their grounds.

The pet cemetery opened in 1896, so over the course of 125 years, it appears that "Princess" was the most popular name given to dogs during that timeframe. "Tiger" seemed to be the #1 cat name.

The story made for an interesting read, as I learned that there are some people buried at the pet cemetery, only because the pets can't be buried at a  "people" cemetery, so the owners made plans to rest next to their best friend.

Dogs named "Max" became more popular after the release of the movie "Mad Max", and cats named "Smokey" became more popular after the release of "Smokey and the Bandit". Coincidence? Maybe so.

There were also some unique names mentioned in the story. "Fleetwood" was the one that made me smile.

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