Crawfish farmers have been setting traps over the last month or so and the crop production so far is showing positive signs for the rest of the season.  LSU AgCenter Crawfish specialist Mark Shirley says supply is good for this weekend and there should be plenty to go around for the Super Bowl.

“It’s about on par with a normal season so far.  Cold weather and cold water has crawfish a little bit slow in growing, but there is still a lot of hold over crawfish that are coming to the traps,” said Shirley.

Across the state, about a quarter-million acres of underwater crawfish habitat are being farmed.  In addition to that, Shirley says the Atchafalaya Basin is where the wild crop is being harvested.

“Statewide we do have a lot of crawfish production going on.  Obviously, something that expansive, Louisiana leads the nation and the world in crawfish production,” said Shirley.

In 2019, a seafood labeling bill became state law requiring businesses to disclose if they are serving imported shrimp and crawfish.  Shirley says there should be enough of the homegrown crop to meet the demand, but…

“If there is any doubt, be sure to ask the waiter or waitress or the shop owner if they are indeed Louisiana crawfish and demand Louisiana crawfish,” said Shirley.

Crawfish season runs through May.

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