The nation (even the world!) is fascinated with Pokémon Go! Whether its those who are enjoying playing it or those who are quick to jump on Facebook and announce their disdain for it, it's something that's been on everyone's minds.

As our branding expert Jaci Russo points out, in just one week Pokemon Go has eclipsed Tinder, Snapchat and is closing in on Twitter for engagement and downloads.

So, how can small businesses benefit from Pokémon Go?

"Savvy businesses owners may already have an idea of what this could mean to brick and motor storefronts," says Jaci. "As Pokemon Go users explore their towns in search of Pokemon, local stores, restaurants, and more are starting to cash in on this massive opportunity that was just dropped in their lap. A simple in-app purchase can mean huge amounts of foot traffic to your business."

First off, ask yourself if your business is near a Pokestop or even a Gym. This is where players train and do virtual battle. The foot traffic in these areas has been massive.

Jaci points out the easiest way to see if your business is near one of these spots is to simply download the app, get familiar with it and see for yourself.

"You can capitalize on being a Pokestop or a Gym in different ways, so it’s important to understand which you are near," says Jaci. "Download the app and play a bit, this could mean serious business for you, it’s important."

If your business is near a Pokestop, you will want to set up Lures. As you may figure by the title, Lures attract players to the Pokestop.

Jaci breaks down how to set up a Lure:

Tap the red Pokeball

Tap “Shop”

Scroll down to Lures, once selected you’ll be re-directed to the app store’s payment page

After you pay, tap the red Pokeball again, then tap “Items”

Tap the purple Lure

What if you're near a Gym?

"Gyms are different than Pokestops and need to be treated in a separate way," says Jaci. "You can’t set Lures, but you really don’t have to. Players are flocking to Gyms all hours of the day and night to wage 'epic battle.' The users are divided into teams and want their team to control the Gym."

What if you're not near a Pokestop or a Gym?

"If you are not near a Pokestop or a Gym, it’s OK you can still see some reward," says Jaci. "If possible, hit the road and head to a stop! Take merchandise or signs with you. Or if that’s not an option, remember that Pokemon can pop up ANYWHERE not just Pokestops or Gyms, so if you’re playing the game (which you should be) then you can see if a Pokemon pops up near you– and promote it. Take screenshots of the Pokemon near you, ask your customers to do the same and post them on Twitter and Facebook. It’s that popular, people will come in search of Pokemon that you are spotting."

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