If you work for Lafayette government or any government for that matter, can you comment on social media about issues related to the government?

It's a question that is going to be discussed now that David Stanley, President of the local Lafayette Police Union, is the focus of an internal affairs investigation at the Lafayette Police Department for comments made about a piece of legislation in the Louisiana Legislature.

Stanley's attorney had a cease and desist order sent to Lafayette Government and the interim Police Chief Scott Morgan this week in an effort to ask for a halt to the investigation claiming that it was done in retaliation for comments that Stanley made on the Lafayette Police Union 905's Facebook page about House Bill 577.

This bill allows four local police departments in Youngsville, Carencro, Broussard, and Scott to promote people to other positions for any reason and that the promotion does not have to be based on seniority.

In January of this year, the members of the Police Association of Lafayette Local 905's members voted to express their opposition against the bill. Last month, on May 15, the Police Association's Facebook page featured a video that asked people to stand against this House bill. Stanley's attorneys at Sudduth & Associates contend that the internal affairs investigation was initiated because of these actions and statements he made against the bill. It was shortly after the May 15 video post that Stanley was informed that there was an internal affairs investigation against him.

The cease and desist letter references allegations that the Lafayette Police Department was responsible for "acts of unwarranted retaliatory action" by trying to demote him to the patrol section from his job as a canine officer and the internal investigation itself.

Lafayette Police Chief Scott Morgan said at a press briefing yesterday that he can't say much about the investigation other than that it's ongoing.

Sudduth & Associates represent the police union.