North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling Survey conducted a statewide survey that showed Gov. Bobby Jindal's approval rating at an all-time low of 37%. This makes Jindal now among the most unpopular governors in the nation.

"This is something that I would be worried about if I were in the Jindal camp," says LSU Political Science Professor Kirby Goidel. "The 37% and how low it is would be troubling."

Public Policy Polling surveyed just over 600 Louisiana voters. While they conduct surveys for democrats, Goidel says "it shouldn't just be dismissed automatically because it comes from a democratic firm." He pointed out that "they actually did very well in 2012 in terms of the accuracy of their pre-election polling and how well it predicted election outcomes."

Two other reasons not to discount the poll: two years ago Jindal's approval rating polled at 58% with Public Policy Polling Survey and this poll released about a week ago. Goidel says this could hurt the governor's clout in Baton Rouge:

You want to use your approval. You want your approval to translate into policy and you trust that if your policy works your approval numbers will come back up.

So why the drop in approval numbers for the governor? Goidel says Jindal's policy agenda has "been aggressive and ambitious...he tackled school reform and generated significant opposition. Now he's tackling tax reform. That's going to generate significant opposition."

Goidel also cited the "perception that he is more focused nationally than locally" as another factor in the drop in approval rating.

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