With no hot races in Louisiana, a low voter turnout is expected for the November 6th election, but a pollster disagrees.

JMC Analytics Publisher John Couvillon believes turnout could near 30% despite a lack of competitive Congressional races, because of the national political climate.

“Given there has been a lot of coverage around the country of people being interested in voting this year, there’s a bit of a subtle peer pressure there.”

Analysts say national turnout could crack 55 percent, which would be more than double the 2014 midterm numbers.

Couvillon says the only Congressional race that may get a bit interest is in the third district, where Clay Higgins faces a Republican challenger and a crowded democratic field. Even then the analyst says he expects Higgins to avoid a run-off, and the rest of the congressional races shouldn’t even be close…

“For Steve Scalise, Mike Johnson, and Cedric Richmond, I would be surprised if they fell below 70 percent, Garret Graves I would expect him in the 60 to 65 percent range, and Abraham near 80.”

If any candidates fail to crack 50 percent, the election run-offs would be held December 8th.

But despite the higher than normal general voter enthusiasm, Couvillon says Secretary of State Candidates are still flying under the radar. The pollster says that’s due to the position’s low profile, and fundraising difficulties.

“Candidates have less money available to get on the media and they are having to delay their media buys, so voters are getting engaged later. It’s not like your typical election where by September you have ads going in full rotation.”

Early voting for the November ballot runs through Tuesday.

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