One of the fun things about Christmas is getting lucky enough to get one of those tins full of popcorn.  I mean, it really is the little things.

I love those silly tins of popcorn because they come in tins with sweet puppies, or kittens, or Santa and his reindeer, and it just makes you feel good.  I also have always loved popcorn, and every tin always seems to include delicious caramel which I used to share years ago with my grandpa.  It brings back such nice memories.

Since my grandparents lived in Pennsylvania we very rarely got to spend Christmas with them, but when we did get a visit here, or we got to go there, we would have a blast.  One of the things we always had at Christmas was my grandma's caramel corn among tons of cookies and other goodies.  Is this a sappy way to remember Christmas? Sure, but who cares.  You only live once, and I love to remember the times I was a little toddler and my grandpa would have that caramel corn for us to share after our walk.  It's corny ( pardon the pun ), but it's a beautiful memory, and all I have to do to get back that same great feeling is pop open a can of that popcorn tin, and I have slipped back to the 70's, everything is perfect ( cause I am young ) and the world is my oyster.

So this Christmas when I got that first can of popcorn with all that delicious caramel corn in there, I was in total bliss.  Try it out, see if it works for you, or if it is something else, then send me an email, cause I would love to hear your memories.   //