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When I moved to Bossier from Texas the one thing I quickly noticed was how atrocious I-20 is. Can the state pay for all the wear and tear that my poor car has suffered? I can't be the only one who apologizes to their car when we hit a huge pothole that wasn't there before. It's no secret that interstate 20 is in rough shape.

According to KTBS our interstate is about to get some much-needed love and attention. The problem? If you live in Bossier and rely on I-20 to get to work 2021 is going to be the year of the long commute. Our tax dollars will be put to work reconstructing the wild ride that is I-20. Specifically, the stretch in between Industrial and Benton road.

Erin Buchanan, the DOTD spokeswoman told KTBS "It is no secret that the pavement has reached it's lifespan and then some. It's the original pavement that was put in place from when the interstate was built." Meanwhile, everyone in Shreveport-Bossier is over here like "ya think?". Raise your hand if your vehicle has been personally victimized by I-20.

While there is not an exact dollar amount allocated towards the reconstruction of I-20, we do know that several companies will start the bidding war sometime in mid-2021. The project will probably last several months, but with the luck we have had in 2020 and with the roads being in the condition that they are, let's not get our hopes up and expect an actual start date until 2022.

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