3rd District Congressman Clay Higgins has just over $50,000 in the bank for a re-election bid and still needs to repay some $7,000 in debt from his 2016 campaign. Political analyst Bernie Pinosnat says even though Higgins is well liked in southwest Louisiana, he'll a lot more money to get re-elected.

"You never know who's going to run to you.  You could have someone jump up and run and if they have enough money to write a check out of their back pocket, you really got to work hard."
Higgins has the fewest campaign dollars out of Louisiana's Congressional delegation and the mid-term elections are in November. For comparison's sake, Republican Mike Johnson is in his first term and has bankrolled $451,000.
Pinsonat says if Higgins expects to get re-elected, it will take a lot more money to get his supporters to the polls.
"Nobody gives him television time, nobody will mail his mail his mailers and the radio ads he runs.  They don't give it to him and it costs a lot of money."
Lafayette Attorney Joshua Guillory and Democratic challenger Dr. Phillip Conner have announced they are raising money to run against Higgins.
"Every day, no matter what else you're doing, you have to be thinking about where you're going to get your next check from the next contributor," Pinsonat said. "It's just a part of politics and Clay Higgins I think needs to do a better job of that."