To many, it has always seemed like the Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA should merge together and realign.

Geographically speaking the Sun Belt Conference, which spans from San Marcos, Texas to Conway, South Carolina, and Conference USA, which stretches from El Paso, Texas to Norfolk, Virginia, really aren't the best of fits, as the travel puts a serious financial strain on member institutions.

Now, with the Coronavirus pandemic causing an even bigger financial strain on every conference, including the Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA, one sportswriter is taking it a little further.

Patrick Magee of the Sun Herald in Biloxi, Mississippi sais in an article last Friday that the Sun Belt Conference and Conference USA "have to realign."

None of this is imminent, and it's only one man's idea, but you have to wonder if this has any legs, as it makes perfect sense?

If the two leagues would merge/realign, there would be 24 teams, which would mean two 12-team leagues or three 8-team leagues.

In the article, Magee speculates of a scenario in which Louisiana would be in a conference/division with the likes of Louisiana Tech, ULM, North Texas, Rice, UTSA, Texas St., UTEP, Arkansas St., Southern Miss, South Alabama, and UAB.

Will this be easy to do? No. There are a lot of schools involved here, which means a lot of egos.

But what trumps egos? Money. And if the schools involved see the amount of money/sports could be saved, then this could happen.

Once again though; this is only an idea, but it's a good one.

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