A huge explosion in Intracoastal City this morning, caused by the blowout of a natural gas pipeline, briefly closed Highway 333 in south Vermilion Parish.

A half-mile area, just west of Highway 333, was also briefly evacuated, according to state police.

State Trooper Stephen Hammons confirmed the explosion involved a gas pipeline and that as of this morning is currently no timeframe for when fires will be put out in the surrounding area.

"We don't yet have a timeframe for when we'll have this cleaned up," Hammons said. [Editor's note: It appears the fire is now contained and Highway 333 has been reopened.]

"We were out on the balcony and it look like lightning struck," said Eric Thompson, a bystander who witnessed the explosion. "We turned around and it was like the sun came up."

Thompson confirmed the explosion was caused by a natural gas pipeline.

As of 6:49 AM, Highway 333 has been reopened. "The cause of rupture and fire remains under investigation, but the highway has been reopened."

KATC is reporting the owner of the oil well is Houston-based PSI Midstream.

Video Taken at the Scene of the Explosion