This is not my opinion on the Presidency but an observation on Rick Perry’s health.  I can attest that as we age we don’t handle stress as well as we once did.

Watching Rick Perry in the debates was painful.  An educated man having an “oops” moment was funny the first time but by the end of the debates leading up to Iowa I cringed and felt his pain.  With all the coaching and training the candidates have had you expect them to sail through most questions.  Notice I said “most” questions.  Not everyone can perform extemporaneously in front of a live studio audience and millions worldwide but Perry seemed up to the task…at first.

As I age I have to admit to some Rick Perry moments.  Looking back at my family history I remember my mother having “mini-strokes” in her last years and now seeing some research that this events could have lead up to dementia I worry for Rick Perry.

The man is well educated, successful and has run the state of Texas so it seems like he could handle the debates and hopefully the office of President.  Watching the debates he seemed to be channeling an aging Ronald Reagan at times.  Reagan was considerably older when he ran for President however and he had no problem with the debates.  After a few years in office Reagan began to show signs of “oops” occasionally but I think that could be chalked up to age and the stress of the job.

So I guess I’m suggesting Rick Perry should re-group take some time off with family and get a thorough physical exam.  If he is having these “mini-strokes” maybe reducing his stress and medication could help him to live to a ripe old age.  It would be a shame that a run for the Presidency should debilitate or kill a person.

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