As you may know by now, comedian and recording artist Rodney Carrington is making his way to Lake Charles for a show at the Lake Charles Civic Center's Rosa Hart Theater on October 10th. If you don't have your tickets yet, there may be something other folks know that you don't. This guy is funny! If you believe what the reviews and the Facebook commenters are saying, he puts on one heck of a live show.

His language is "colorful," but a short YouTube video (again, very colorful language!) gives you an idea that you may leave the theater feeling like you've had a great ab workout at the gym.

Rodney Carrington Facebook
Rodney Carrington Facebook

I spent some time on his Facebook fan page. As you can see from the photos here, he packs the house in every city he visits! One guy at a Florida show in mid-September (you can go see for yourself) who was not seeing Rodney for the first time wrote:

...that was the best show ever brother thank you for coming back to Lakeland we had 30 tickets! We had the best time thanks again!

How often do you just get to sit back and laugh? Just laugh! This is one of those opportunities to do just that. Buy a ticket or two. Have dinner first or not. Enjoy yourself. I know you will.

Just a warning -- language might not be safe for work:

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