The work of GOP presidential candidates to garner support for seeking the White House continues with some of the candidates paying close attention to the numbers in their campaign accounts.  Fox News analyst Jeff Birnbaum says Mitt Romney is working hard to get the nomination, but he is working even harder now to try to raise more money for his campaign.   Romney was able to win in Puerto Rico, but winning at the end might be rough without another infusion of cash.  Jeff Birnbaum spoke on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" about the added stress a lack of continued campaign funds coming into the campaign's coffers.  Birnbaum says he believes that there are many signs starting to show that the long Republican presidential contest is causing financial stress for Romney. Birnbaum points out that while other candidates were campaigning in Illinois, Romney was around New York working for fundraising dollars.
What else is costing Romney money?  Birnbaum says things like his staff and his plane all cost plenty of dollars, but that in recent weeks Romney has really worked to trim his staff, and they have even started using a much smaller plane to get to each of the new campaign spots.
Birnbaum says reports show that for February the Romney camp was able to raise 11 and 1/2 million dollars, which is the second-best fundraising month on record. Get more on Birnbaum's view of Romney's campaign from the financial side: