You want the frissons? You got the frissons.

YouTuber and obvious Saints fan Evan Saacks put together this video that uses footage from Saints games (and some Jared Cook in there), along with audio from Avengers: Endgame.

Seeing as all we've gone through in the last two seasons, to hear and see the two together is all you'll need to get HYPED for this upcoming season!

For those that haven't seen Endgame, the movie and the Saints upcoming season have a lot in common. The team has been beat down by the blown call. They lost. But they're not giving up.

As someone mentions in the comments, it's said "Even if there is a small chance we owe this to everybody not in this room" - Mark Ingram & Benjamin Watson. Of course there are more (the one who took the illegal hit, Tommylee Lewis), but it all makes sense.

Sean Payton always seems to have a quote for the season. Maybe the quote this year should be "Whatever it takes."

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