To say the graduates of 2020 have gone through some troubling times would be an understatement. In recent history, no other time has society come to a screeching halt for so long. Along with businesses, schools were disrupted for the remainder of the school year. We decided to salute the graduates of 2020 in May (when graduations usually happen). We solicited for graduates and are proud to salute those who submitted. We would like to take a moment to thank all the families and friends who submitted the photos and kind words for the graduates. We'll continue with graduates with first names beginning with J-M.

All photos were submitted by the family and friends of the graduates. Painstaking efforts were taken to prevent the use of unauthorized images for digital use and did not (at our level) crop any photos to remove any watermarks from professional photographers.

If you submitted an entry but do not see it here, it could be for one of two reasons. First, you may inadvertently not have submitted a photo of the graduate. Second, you may have submitted a 'proof' photo of the graduate which is not permitted for use in this instance. In both of those cases, we sincerely apologize for the non-inclusion of the graduate.

*Note: If you are a professional photographer and recognize a photo in this gallery that you have not released for digital use, please click here to email us regarding the photo in question and we will address it accordingly.

2020 Graduates (First Name J-M)

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