I remember the old public service announcement that promoted education funding and ended with "a mind is a terrible thing to waste".  To me it seems like Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat from Illinois not only wasted his mind but the funding for his education!  As Majority Whip in the Senate he is known as one of the most liberal members of Congress with a degree from  Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and Georgetown University Law Center. With those credentials you would think he would have a pretty fair understanding of the law and the Constitution but it seems he didn't get the entire memo.  In regards to Arizona's tough immigration law being considered by the US Supreme Court, Senator Durbin said "it is wrong to criminalize people just because of their status".  My reaction to his statement, WHAT?????  Does he not understand the meaning of illegal?  Since it is an illegal act the aliens are committing they have already "criminalized" themselves!

Durbin goes on to say at a Senate hearing that law enforcement does not have the resources or time to prosecute or incarcerate every undocumented immigrant.  Imagine if we had been enforcing the federal law all along?  We might not have runaway illegal immigration that needs massive roundups.

If we cut off ALL benefits including medical and education benefits the illegals just might not come here in the first place.  I am not inhumane but I want my tax dollars and yours to provide for US citizens that work and pay taxes as I do.  People that sneak into our country and make cash to send home without paying taxes should not be receiving benefits you and I are paying for.

Mind you, the South American governments do not want us changing or enforcing immigration laws and they certainly do not want us cutting off benefits to illegals.  If the illegals go home their governments will not be able to provide for them.

I think Senator Dick Durbin wasted a lot of time and money on education because he still does not understand law and the US Constitution.