The state legislature has lost six lawmakers who were elected to other government positions. Eight state representatives chose to run for another office and only Rick Edmonds and Julie Stokes failed in their bids to leave the legislature. publisher Jeremy Alford cites a laundry list of reasons on why lawmakers no longer want the job.

“The budget has created endless fights and political partisan divide has formed up firmly in the legislature. The job doesn’t pay all that well, and it’s a lot of pressure.”

Alford says there is a trend regarding the new jobs legislators are pursuing.

“Most are chasing kind of high level municipal jobs and parish wide jobs. Two were elected to become parish presidents, two won district judgeships, and one is the new mayor of Alexandria.”

Democrat Jeff Hall was elected mayor of Alexandria. Kenny Havard is the new president of West Feliciana Parish. Marcus Hunter has won a judicial district judge seat in Monroe.

This past year, this legislature spent more consecutive days in session than any other dating back to 1812. Alford says it tired out legislators.

“A lot of these folks are far away from home. They are in Baton Rouge, they are away from their businesses, away from their family, and folks have just been jumping ship at record levels particularly in the House of Representatives.”

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