At a community-wide prayer service held at Crossroad Church last night, shooting survivor Jena meaux talked about her experience in last Thursday's shooting at the Grand Theatre.

According to our news partners at KATC, Meaux said,

"We instantly got down on the ground, and that's when I felt a bullet go through the side of my leg, and exit the other side of my leg."

The Iberia Parish teacher explains what happened next,

"Instantly I started crawling to the exit. And as I crawled I was praying, because I really thought he was going to shoot me in the back of the head. As I crawled on the ground, I prayed and I didn't know if I could walk. But as I was wrapped up in the corner, I was able to stand, and run toward the front exit."

People joined together last night to pray for the families of the two women who died, to pray for survivors and the community.

Meaux says her life was spared,

"So many people are looking at the evil that was in the theater that night. But I saw so many instances of God's presence, and he protected and spared my life, and that just tells me that he's not finished with me yet."

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