Shreveport Police are looking for a man who is robbing elderly woman and assaulting them with a baseball bat. The robberies started in late January and have continued since. Detective Richard Turpen says since the attacks started, police have become more concerned since the suspect has been acting more aggressive.

"We've has several report of those type of incidents where he's hitting them in the head with a baseball bat and knocking them to the ground, taking their purses and then fleeing on foot."
Turpen says a few of the victims have been able to describe their attacker, but the description police are working with isn’t much since they are attacking from behind.
"A black male suspect wearing all black clothing, wearing a black hoodie over his head.  He's approaching the females from behind, striking them and knocking them to the ground and taking their purses."
Turpen says until this perpetrator is caught, women, especially the elderly that he is targeting, need to be extra aware and to not become distracted.
"Don't look down, look up when you're walking.  Stay off your phones.  If you have  key fobs that have (buttons) on them to sound your horn, we ask that you do that."
Anyone with information leading to the arrest of the robber can call Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373 or use their app P-3-Tips.