What would you do if you saw a mother splitting one meal between herself and her two hungry kids because that's all she can afford?

This was the scenario that played out on the season premiere of ABC's long-running reality series 'What Would You Do?'—a show that reveals how people behave in certain situations when they think no one else is watching. Producers of the show (hosted by John Quiñones) chose La Caretta restaurant in Ponchatoula as the backdrop for this particular situation.

Sadly, the reason they chose this location is that Louisiana and Mississippi are the two states with the highest level of people living below the poverty line. So how would people react when they saw the mother splitting one quesadilla for her son's birthday meal?

As someone who lives here, I'm not surprised by the generosity at all—but it doesn't make it any less emotional to watch. To see how people compared what they were seeing to personal experiences in their own life is what makes this one hit home.

We may struggle a bit more than others here in Lousiana, but I'll put our communities up against anyone when it comes to helping those in need.

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