Over the last 24 hours, many residents in Lafayette and the surrounding areas have been captivated by peculiar shapes and messages in the sky. Those who glanced upward on Thursday or Friday might have noticed a range of whimsical images, from a smiley face to shapes resembling a butterfly or a four-leaf clover. Some even spotted the letters "ROTR" accompanied by a heart.


Rockin' on the Runway has sold out for its 2024 show, and tickets will not be available at the gate.



This aerial artistry has left many locals guessing and speculating about its origin. Contrary to some humorous theories, such as the beloved Buc-ee's beaver appearing to announce a new location, the truth behind these sky-high creations is tied to an upcoming local event.


The skywriting was the handiwork of GhostWriter Airshows, a skilled skywriter practicing for the Rockin’ On The Runway event set to take place in Sunset this weekend.

Taylor Elliott, one of the event's organizers, shared more about the attraction. “The sky writer is GhostWriter Airshows. He will be opening our airshow with skywriting and closing it with a pyrotechnic display!” she said.

The unexpected skywriting has not only puzzled residents but also brought smiles to many faces. Taylor Elliott noted the positive impact: “The buzz around our event has been so exciting to see! Ticket sales have been continuously climbing since last night. Knowing we could bring a little bit of joy to everyone's evening is a great feeling. We hope that excitement will carry through to our event tomorrow!”

Rockin’ On The Runway, an annual fundraising event, will return to Sunset on June 8, 2024. This family-friendly event, running from 4:00 to 10:30 pm, features a multi-act airshow, live music, airplane rides, a car show, and more. The event aims to raise funds and awareness for St. Mary’s Residential Training School in Alexandria, LA, which supports children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

Proceeds from the event will contribute to building a multi-use facility for the residents of St. Mary’s, providing a space for community activities regardless of the weather. Over the past four years, Rockin’ On The Runway has donated $480,000 to St. Mary’s.

Tickets for Rockin’ On The Runway are now available for $20 in advance or $25 on the event day, with free entry for kids 12 and under. For more information, including sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, visit rotr-la.com or follow @rotrla on social media.

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