One thing that is for sure each year in Louisiana is that our summers will be very hot.

When the weather turns so warm, plenty of people spend more time inside, but there are so many wonderful things about being outside, even when the heat is brutal.

When I think about summer, often I think of the wonderful sounds that are associated with the season. There are so many great sounds of the summer that I love.

I don't enjoy the heat, but I do enjoy listening to the sounds of summer when I do venture outside. The beautiful sounds of summer and being in the great outdoors takes away some of the sting of the heat.

If I'm planning to sit outside to soak in some vitamin D, I know that it's going to be blazing out there, but at least I know I will be entertained by the beautiful sounds of summer.

I started thinking about all the things that I was hearing this morning when I decided to go outside with my dogs to have a cup of coffee on the patio.

I live a pretty simple life, and with my little backyard for my pups, I'm able to hear so many great sounds while I'm sitting in my chair trying to get a little vitamin D, but in the shade, of course.

Being outside, whether for that early morning cup of coffee, or to sit with the dogs while they run around in the grass, there is a beautiful cacophony of sounds that hit my senses in wonderful waves, and it brings me joy.

Sounds Of Summer

Sounds Of Summer


Things That Remind Us Of Summer


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