A captain with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office was arrested after a discrepancy came up regarding paperwork and missing money. Back in November,  Captain Lafleur apparently told detectives that money, seized as evidence, was missing from the area where those items are stored.

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz confirms that Bryan Lafleur was arrested on the following charges:

  • Injuring Public Records
  • Malfeasance in Office by Tampering with Evidence
  • Obstruction of Justice due to Evidence Tampering

This arrest stems from the seizure of $9,105 during an arrest, and Lafleur, himself told detectives that $2,220 was missing. Lafleur began his own investigation he said to find the missing money. When the paperwork associated with the property put in evidence could not be located then an internal investigation was started according to the Sheriff.

Guidroz says that when Lafleur was questioned by the detectives with the Internal Affairs section interview him on the 16th of this month, the man claimed that when he realized that the amount was $9,105, but then there was a discrepancy he through out the receipts and paperwork. Why did he do that? Guidroz says he could not explain that to investigators.

The 51-year-old captain was arrested Monday, December 20. Guidroz says no one is above the law,

It is very troubling to me that one of my own would steal from my office. None of my deputies are above the law. If any Sheriff's Office employee commits a criminal act on or off duty, they will be arrested and charged for the crime.

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