Okay, team, this is where we all need to put out heads together. Parents, we get it, life is good when the kids are in school but what do you do when Summer comes around and you as a parent don't have a Summer break? Parents, did you know that your kid's retention drops dramatically over the Summer? Isn't that horrid? I see people around me constantly struggle to find an all-inclusive camp, you know the kind of camp that will entertain kids and not have them in a gym watching different movies.

My friend Hillary is a busy working mom with elementary aged kids. Do you know of any Summer camps that will let you drop your kids off from as early 8:00 a.m. and keeps kids as late as 5:00 p.m. Camps that involve STEM Education like science, technology, engineering, and math. What amazing camp is in the Ark-La-Tex that fits our criteria needs? Parents start tagging away. Help each other out!


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