You're probably thinking it's the poor condition of the road bed.  You might even think it's the constant flow of large trucks and equipment that move through our state. You might think that it's the design of the roadways and right of way that creates so many problems for Louisiana drivers. You'd be wrong on all of those assumptions. If you want to know what the most dangerous part of driving in Louisiana or any other state for that matter is, check your mirror.

No, it's what's behind you. It's you. Well maybe not you and especially not me because we are great drivers right? It's those other idiots. According to the American Automobile Association those "other idiots" make up 87% of the vehicles on the roadway.

The survey released by AAA suggests that 87% of all drivers engage in some sort of risky behavior while behind the wheel.  Donald Redman is a spokesperson for AAA and he told the Louisiana Radio Network that high percentage translates into some deadly facts. Each year some 30 to 40 thousand people die in car crashes. By the way, they are crashes, not accidents.

To the point to the safety community really tries to avoid the word accident because most of these cases, they’re all avoidable. It’s usually driver error, either being distracted or speeding or impaired.

What's the most common risky behavior behind the wheel? You got it, distracted driving. That means the cellphone and using it to talk, text, surf the web, or watch videos.  42% of drivers admit to texting while behind the wheel, while 70% admit to talking on the phone while driving.

Almost half of all drivers admit to having a heavy foot on the highway. 48% of drivers surveyed say they regularly travel 15 mph or more above the posted speed on the state's highways.  Here's another sobering statistic, 13% of drivers said they admit to driving while drunk or almost drunk. It's almost enough to make you want to stay home at night isn't it?

Alcohol isn't the only item that can create an issue for a driver. Think about your prescription medications.  Many pain killers, high blood pressure medicines, and even anti-depressants can slow down your reaction time. That makes you a less-than-safe driver.



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