You may want to sit down for this.

On second thought, maybe you won’t.

A new survey has found that American adults sit an average of 13 hours each day.

We also sleep an average of eight hours a night, which means we don’t move for 21 whole hours every day.

The irony is that we, ahem, can’t stand to sit. About 70% of workers hate sitting down, even though 86% do it all day long on the job. When we do pop up off our keesters, 56% do so to grab food (where they probably sit back down again to eat).

And, in further proof that we are totally hooked on sitting, 36% remained seated one-to-two hours daily watching TV, while 29% spend up to two hours per day sitting at their home computer and another 25% sit for up two hours while engaged in leisure activities, such as reading, each day.

This is all pretty disturbing stuff. We recommend you tell the guy in the cubicle next to you. But do yourself a favor -- walk over to him, don't send an email.