McCormick Spices is hiring! The legendary spice company is looking for a Director of Taco Relations and it comes with a payment of $100,000. And, you'll receive an assortment of Taco Seasoning and other products made by the spice giant.

Imagine, your new job as Director of Taco Relations for McCormick Spices and your take-home pay is $100,000. How exciting would that be?

Tuesday (July 13, 2021) McCormick Spices announced in a press release that the company is looking to hire someone to come up with new recipes using McCormick's Taco Seasoning mix. As Director of Taco Relations, you will work with the McCormick team to come up with fresh ways to use the spice makers Taco Seasoning mix.

As the Director of Taco Relations, you will be McCormick’s resident consulting taco expert. You will be our official eyes and ears for all things tacos. You’ll have the opportunity to work with the McCormick Kitchens team to develop innovative and delish taco recipes, travel across the country in search of the latest taco trends, dialogue with other like-minded taco connoisseurs across social media, and be in on the latest Street Taco seasoning mixes developed by the McCormick innovation lab. -McCormick Spices

The job will only last 4 months. If you like all things tacos, you could be just who McCormick Spices is looking for.

Do you eat tacos like it’s your true calling? Now it really can be. McCormick is on the lookout for its first-ever Director of Taco Relations and we’re calling all taco fanatics to submit. McCormick Spices

Founded in 1889, 132 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland, McCormick Spices currently employs over 13,000 people globally. You could be their next hire.

The company would like you to be as creative as you can be in your submission video. You must be at least 21-years-old to apply for the first-ever McCormick Spices Director of Taco Relations.

The deadline to apply is July 20, 2021, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

15 Minute McCormick Spices Taco Recipe

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